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Community Enquiries

Any Community Enquiries can use the Community Response Hotline - 1800 111 271 to speak to a Yancoal representative in relation to Abel, Donaldson and Tasman Mines. A Yancoal representative will call you back within one business day.

Community Consultative Committees

During the operation and active rehabilitation of Donaldson and Tasman Mines, Community Consultative Committee(s) (CCC) were in place. The last CCC meeting was held for Donaldson Mine in December 2011. The last CCC meeting for Tasman Mine was held in August 2013. As the Tasman Mine consent has been surrendered, the CCC minutes are not on the website. If you require any information on the Tasman CCC, please contact us.

The Tasman Extension Project has not formed a committee as the mine is not yet operating.

The Abel Mine CCC is still operational while the mine is on Care and Maintenance. The Abel Community Consultative Committee (CCC) holds meetings at least annually. The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum for open discussion between representatives of the company, the community, the council and other stakeholders on issues directly relating to the mine's operations, environmental performance and community relations, and to keep the community informed on these matters.

The committee is chaired by an Independent Chairperson who receives a professional fee from Donaldson Coal. Abel’s Independent Chairperson was considered suitably qualified and experienced by the Director-General of the Department of Planning and Environment, and has been appointed by the Director-General to chair Abel CCC.

The Abel Underground Mine Community Consultative Committee members are:

  • Margaret McDonald-Hill - Chairperson
  • Mr Alan Brown - Community Member
  • Mr Allan Jennings - Community Member
  • Mr Terry Lewin - Community Member
  • Mr Brad Ure - Community Member
  • Mr Bill Farnworth - Donaldson Coal
  • Mr Phillip Brown - Donaldson Coal
  • Mr Greg Lamb - Bloomfield Colliery

CCC meeting minutes and the Donaldson and Abel Complaints register can be found in the links below.